Journey Planner

On this tab you can plan a journey, simply select a start and end point, the app will give you various routes that you can choose from and and then have each step of that journey broken down for you.

Home & work locations

You can set your home and work locations by pressing the “set” button next to each option. Once pressed you are able to choose from either selecting your current location or by selecting your desired location using the map. 

Quick Journey

If you want to plan a journey from your current location you can simply enter your desired destination in the “end location” search bar and then choose from the search results. You can also choose form previous places and stops from your recent searches. A list of routes will then be generated for you to choose from.

Planning a Journey

To plan a journey you will need to enter a starting location (if it differs from your current location) and a destination, once you have selected your destination the app will give you different journey options. These are broken down by “Suggested” which will show you the fastest routes and “Bus Only” which will give you a route only using buses. Any filters you have changed in the settings will also effect the routes suggested e.g add accessibility issues, routes with the fewest changes and even edit how much walking you prefer to do.

Once you have chosen your preferred route the app will take you to the journey breakdown screen where you can see every part of your journey with the time and cost breakdown. Clicking on any part of the breakdown will show you that part of the journey on the map above. Pressing the red circle with the white arrow will bring up a more detailed map breakdown, here you can swipe left and right to move back and forth to each part of the journey.

On Screen Symbols

Press this symbol to open your preferences, here you can choose to filter your travel by enabling or disabling different travel methods, such as accessibility settings and other route options. Simply tick which preferences you would like to change and then press the save button at the top right of the screen.

3 horizontal dots – Press this button to access the Journey Schedule, here you can change the departure time and date so you can pre-plan journeys. This setting works on a wheel, so to change the time and dates you simply scroll up and down until you find the desired option.

Up and down arrows – This button reverses your current start and end location. This is an easy way to check your reverse journey back to your current location, as an example you can plan your journey to work and then press the arrows button to check the time, route options and cost for your journey back home.

3 vertical dots – Press this button on the far right hand side of each section of the journey to bring up a menu to see either a close up view of the selected section on the map or to see this section of the journey in google street view.