My Routes

The “My routes” tab is where all of the routes you have chosen to favourite are stored. These routes can be quickly accessed in this screen, you can also add and remove routes from your favourites here. You can also rearrange the order of your favourites so your most commonly used can be moved to the top of the page or rearranged however you prefer.

Tap on the big (+) button at the bottom right of the screen to add your favourite routes, you can find them by searching by bus stop name, the bus stop code or you can search by the road name and then choose from the list of stops found. Once you find the the stop you are looking for simply tap the slider on the right, the slider will turn red and the stop will be added to your routes.

To remove a route tap on edit button at the top left of the screen and either tap on the bin icon or tap on the red circle and then press delete to confirm.

Press the dropdown arrow on the name of the stop to show how long until the next bus arrives. You can then press on the bus number to view the journey and the registration number of the bus. You can also press the 3 vertical dots to bring up a quick menu where you can view your journey, see the buses timetable or remove the route “My Routes”

Press the cog icon at the top right of the screen to choose your preferred layout, choose to either show combined bus times i.e. showing the times of the next 3 bus’s in one section or choose individual buses where you see each bus coming in list form. 

Use the 3 vertical lines or the up/down arrow to move the routes up and down to your desired locations and press the minus button to bring up the delete menu.