Subscription issues

If you have purchased a subscription to remove ads but are still seeing them please check read through the possible issues/resolutions below.

Has your annual subscription run out?

Remember your subscription lasts for 1 year, after this time your subscription will be need to be renewed by you. You can check this date by referring back to your original confirmation email.

Have you had an email from Apple/Google confirming the purchase?

You will normally receive a purchase confirmation email from Apple/Google when choosing to remove ads from the app as the payment goes through the App Store/Play store. If you have not received this email your purchase may not have gone through, please check if your payment has left your account.

Have you changed your handset?

If so and you are still within your subscription period please press the “more” button in the main menu of the app and scroll down to the “Help us out” section and press the “Restore Purchase” button, this should ask you to sign into your App/Play store and restore your previous subscription to your new handset. You must sign in with the same account you made the original purchase with to reinstate your purchase

Have you just made a subscription purchase but still seeing ads?

You may need to restart the app for the changes to take effect, you can do this by either closing the app from the task manager on your mobile device or you can restart the handset itself. You should see that the ads have been removed from the app once done.