The final tab on the app is the “more” section, here you will find many of the settings, feedback and hidden features!

Your region

Choose your region from a list of available Cities and states.

Favourite Timetable

View any routes you have marked as “favourite” while using the app.

Santander Cycles

Bring up a map and list of the closest Santander Cycles in your area. These locations can be marked as a favourite by clicking on the star in the location box. Moving the map will show you other cycles in the location selected.

Status Updates

Takes you to to the status tab of the app where you can see live service information for various modes of transport.

Traffic Cams

View a map and list of the closest traffic cams in your area. Click on any of the cameras on the list to to see a live view from the camera, these cameras can be marked as favourites by clicking on the star at the top right of the screen. You can also see a street view of the location by pressing the “person” icon to the left of the favourites star. Moving the map will show you other cameras in the location selected.

View Bus Route Disruptions

Takes you to TfL’s status update page on their website. Here you can search for updates on different modes of travel covered by TfL.

Plan your Journey

Takes you to TfL’s “plan a journey” web page. Here you can plan journeys from points A to point B.

Check Road Disruptions

Takes you to TfL’s web page where you can see live disruptions on map.

Track my Bus

Here you can enter a buses registration (that you can find on the stops page) to track its current location.

Tube Map

Press this button to open up our version of the TfL map, you can pinch and pull to zoom in and out, you can also move the map by swiping around the screen.

Feedback About TfL Staff / Any Other Feedback

Takes you to TfL’s “Contact us” web page.

Having an issue with the app / Give us a suggestion

Email us directly your feedback about our app.

Privacy Policy

Read our apps privacy policy.

Rate the App

Takes you to the App Store / Play store where you can leave a review.

Share App

Share the app with friends and family.

Remove Ads

Here you can pay for a yearly subscription to remove all ads from the app.

Restore Purchase

If you have had to reinstall the app for some reason or if you have upgraded your phone to the same platform, you can press this button to restore a previous purchase.

Use New Layout (Beta)

Use the latest version of the app, you can switch this off if you prefer the previous version of the app.

Show Clock Arrival Time

Show / hide you arrival time clock.

Hide Map

Switch this setting on to hide the map in the stops tab.

Show Satellite Map

Turn off / on to hide or hide or show the satellite map.

Show Individual Bus Times View

Show each individual bus time, rather than grouping buses by their bus number.

Show Individual Tube / Rail Times View

Show each individual bus, rather than grouping buses by their number.

Hide Safety Alert

Don’t show safety alerts on the app.

Disable 3D Map

Enable or disable 3d maps on the app.

Hide Timetable

Choose to hide or show timetables on the app.

Show Journey Start / End Times

Show beginning and end times for your journey.

Night Mode

Switch on / off night mode. This will have a darker appearance helping with eye comfort.

Use Device Settings

Choose to use your mobile device settings rather than standard app settings.

Check For Updates

Automatically check for the latest updates.

Social media links

Press any of the social media buttons to follow us on that platform.

Ads Personalisation

Choose your ad preferences.