The stops tab is used to show you where your local bus, rail and tube stops are. You can also move the map around to reveal other stops in other locations. You also have quick access to your recently used stops and stops you have classed as favourites.

Tip! Did you know, you can pull the menu down to show more of the map? Move the menu up and down to show as much of the map as you like!

Tip! Did you know that you can zoom in and out of the map by pinching the screen and opening and closing your fingers.


Press the magnifying glass on the top right of the map to open the search page where you can search via place name, bus stop name and by bus number. The search results will be separated into different groups such as transport e.g. bus stops, underground stations etc and places such as landmarks and local businesses. 


Shows your closest bus stops & train / tube stations. It will generate a list of stops, which direction they head towards and the bus number. Your location services need to be enabled on your device for this to work.

  • Click on the bus stop you wish to use to see a list of the buses that use this stop and the number of minutes before they are due to arrive. 
  • Click on a bus number to show the bus’s registration number, map of the stops and the distance in minutes to each stop on the route
  • Press the star button to add this stop as a favourite. 
  • Press the arrow to plan a journey to this stop from your current location. 
  • Press the icon to open google street view.
  • Press the cog to open the settings menu for this stop. Here you can choose to see either combined or individual bus times.
  • Press the bus All icon to see all bus routes or individual buses. 

The bottom of the screen has full timetables of each individual bus, press the bus number to see the timetable.

Tip! You can scroll through the list of stops on this page to see the full route. You can also click the “Tell TFL” button on the top right of the map to provide feedback to TfL. 


This section will display any bus stops you have chosen to add to your favourites list. 

To add a favourite simply select a bus stop and then press the star shape to the left of the screen, if the star is only outlined this stop has not yet been selected as a favourite, when this star is pressed it should no longer be outlined but instead it should now be filled showing it is now a favourite. To remove a favourite, open the route and press the star icon, you should see the star image become unhighlighted.


This page shows recent bus stops you have used, with the time and date they were last accessed. Pressing on the small arrow on the right hand side of the bus stop location will take you to a “live times” view of the stop and access to the timetables of the buses that use the stop. It will also change the map at the top of the screen to show you the stop and route the bus takes

Press this button to move the map to your current location. Your location services on your device must be turned on for this to work

Search button, use this to search for stops and routes.

Pressing this button opens our tube map where you can see underground, overground and other stations.

Favourites button, press to add stop to favourites.

Plan journey to this stop from your current location or other location entered.

See Google street view of the stop.

Setting where you can change your preferred layout.

Filter to view either all buses at this stop or only a selected bus number.